Eyo! I go by Muges147, I live in a small town near Rome (Italy), I’m 24 and I’ve been painting letters for half of my life. My addictions involve letters, underground rap music, love for the hip-hop culture, and ice creams ahahaha!

I don’t really know how to name my style, some will say that It’s “European semi-wild style” or such things, I prefer to think that it’s “my” style. My goal Is to always paint a new sketch, completely new but with my style, I don’t like to sketch the same letter-form twice. Thing is that 5 minutes after finishing a sketch I already find it boring and move on to another idea. I really like to find new ways of connecting a letter to another, even by merging them. I love letters and I’m not just talking about graffiti, they’re addictive.
About coloring right now I’m in a “needle cap” phase. Some will say it’s easier to do outlines and everything but to achieve some tiny details, like transparency, you have to be really careful because with a needle cap is a one-shot situation. You can’t really change or cover an outline if you want transparency. You should try it! It’s fun for me.

I think that our style is the sum of everything that we see everyday, but if I have to name a few graffiti writers that I admire for their style I’d say: Totem2, Stare, Jurne, Dare, Smash137, Swet, Bendito Rage, Urocki, Defy, Sirum… but there’s many many more!

I want to give a shout out to TAG Colors for believing in me, the Burners Mag team, the BTH crew in Montreal who really make me feel good during my trip there, Howen Poison, Plus, Dmes, Amer, Legal, Sheko, Urban, Jedi Master Danno, Yest, Mela and to whoever is still trying to push their name to another level!

Peace y’all!

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