‘God hates NFTs’ (apparently)

The shouting begins and the placards come out as a group protest in New York City’s SoHo district. As one sign is raised, it reads: ‘God Hates NFTs’. Oh yes, even the Almighty has taken against non-fungible tokens. Or has he/she/they? These protesters aren’t really annoyed by NFTs. This is a savvy stunt to gain attention for streetwear brand The Hundreds, and its NFT collection.

This prank was made as NFT.NYC 2022 began in New York City on Monday. It’s proved a huge success for The Hundreds and as marketing campaigns go, I kinda love it. For just a split second I was sold, after all the world of NFTs can be a weird and wild space. When placards emblazoned with slogans reading ‘Make Fiat Great Again’ and ‘Repent Or Get Rugged’ it’s hard not to want this bizarre protest to be real.

You can see for yourself how impressive The Hundred’s ‘God Hates NFTs’ protest was in the Twitter clip below. There’s actually a sign that reads ‘Anti-Meta Masker’, this is *chef’s kiss* level good.

This isn’t the first time The Hundred has used a protest at NFT.NYC to gain attention for its NFT projects. At last year’s New York conference the same group took out a billboard in Times Square with an advert that read, ‘NFTs Are A Scam’. The brand also had t-shirts printed with the same slogan emblazoned across it. 

Last year this kind of subversive guerrilla campaign wouldn’t have really registered, but in light of the NFT crash it feels like a group exclaiming ‘God hates NFTs’ could well be real. If you’re not deterred about non-fungible tokens then try creating one for yourself, using our guide to how to make and sell an NFT. Or read up a little more in our feature, ‘What are NFTs?‘.

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