Hello, my name is Zorg, I’m from the LTB Crew. I’ve been writing Zorg since 2014 and I’m based in the north part of France.

My style is mainly inspired by architecture, music and contemporary art. I take inspiration from other graffiti artists with a futuristic approach such as Pantone, Roids, Dems and many more. I was also inspired by some local graffiti artists from my area, Niglo and Simer, to only name them.

Sometimes I go for minimal pieces with simple shapes. At other times, I like to make more detailed pieces with nature elements or faces.

I like to switch between painting letters or not, depending on the inspiration, going with the flow or following a sketch/idea I had in mind.

My preferred supports to paint on are generally in abandoned spaces like factories, warehouses, or else.

Finding and exploring a new spot is fully part of my process. These locations are peaceful places where I can enjoy plenty of different walls, textures and lights that inspire me too.

I use different painting technics for my paintings, but I like to focus on simple color schemes. I try make it varied, simple and efficient. On the side, I also made few canvases which is also a support I enjoy.

S.O to all the LTB Crew members especially Artik

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