Moog Mavis Synthesizer Review

In this Bloom Music video, Donald Jordan gives an in-depth review of the new Moog Mavis synthesizer.

Mavis is a DIY synth (no soldering required) that offers an affordable, but powerful, synth voice, with classic Moog sound. It can be used as a standalone synth, or removed from its case to be used as a 24-point CV-controllable 44HP Eurorack module.

Jordan says that it’s a bargain and an excellent sounding synth, but that its relatively rigid audio path means that it’s much more interesting when used as part of modular system.

Topics covered:

Intro: 00:00
Architecture: 1:47
Oscillator: 3:11
Filter: 5:20
Wave Folder: 7:44
Modulation: 13:02
Patchbay: 16:08
Eurorack Use: 22:16
Patches: 24:03
Conclusion: 27:36

Audio demos:

All synth sounds and music in this video were created using the Mavis.

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