The lowest Surface Laptop Studio prices in 06 2022

Making the most of the lowest Surface Laptop Studio prices available is a good idea for any digital creative who’s wants Microsoft’s latest laptop, but also likes a deal.  For professionals looking to get a premium desktop alternative that can handle all sorts of intense work, and also configures as a tablet and laptop, the Surface Laptop Studio is a great option – just take a look at our Surface Laptop Studio review. That’s why on this page, we’ve pulled together all the best options from around the world, so you can get the best Surface Laptop Studio price available.

The Surface Studio Laptop for Business is Microsoft’s latest laptop/tablet hybrid aimed at professionals. It boasts the most powerful specs of all Microsoft laptops to date, with the higher spec model featuring an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA RTX A2000 GPU, 32GB RAM and 2TB removable SSD. Add to that a 3:2 ratio, 14.4-inch touchscreen display that has a 120Hz refresh rate, and you’ve got a pretty handy device. 

There are plenty of configurations available with the Surface Studio laptop, ranging from the entry level of Intel i5, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD model all the way to the i7, 32GB RAM, 2TB SSD version (the latter being more than twice the price of the former: $1,599.99/£1,529 compared to $3,099.99/£3,509). 

If you’re still hungry for more deals on laptops in the same vein as the Surface Laptop Studio, visit our page on the most powerful laptops, or the best laptops for video editing.

The best Surface Laptop Studio prices

The hybrid Surface Laptop Studio on a white background

(Image credit: Microsoft)

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