Ptoons – I started back in 1993 in Weimar, Germany. Small town. No influences at the beginning

Influences: black and white copy magazines at Jams. Leipzig (SOC, BIA). A bit Berlin (GHS) … My letters were weak so I started again with characters.

Biggest influence here: EARL.ONE, Mode2, CanTwo …

Break from 2000 until 2015. Restart after an invitation to “come back” DMARK and AKTE pushed me at the beginning. Invitation to the Painters Crew. Great. A lot of great walls with KEROCK and JOES. JOES is my partner in crime and we do a lot of stuff together. At the moment the biggest project is DA BRIDGE JAM near Berlin and I hang with a bunch of really cool guys and girls (JOES, MONE.UZI, PORK.ABS, HONEY, RAYS) …

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