VST Alarm Offers FREE Apache Flute For A Limited Time

VST Alarm offers the Apache sampled flute instrument FREE for a limited time.

The Apache is a sampled flute instrument from New Nation LLC, and for the next 20+ days, it’s absolutely free.

The Apache features four sampled flutes from the Chippewa Natives of Central Michigan, USA.

Each flute offers a different tone, and you can create unique sounds by blending the four.

Flute VSTs can be pretty hit and miss (in my opinion). Whenever I find one, I dream of Will Ferrell’s Ron Burgundy playing Jazz flute, and I’m left awfully disappointed.

But, when they are good, they can be excellent.

The Apache promises an authentic Native American sound, and if you’re making any sort of indigenous music, it should serve you very well. Authenticity aside, a good flute sound can also be a handy addition to various mainstream genres.

A flute is a common lead sound in Hip Hop and its various sub-genres. It’s also a great hook sound for some Pop and Electronic music. Having said that, I’ll still play St Thomas first and hope I sound like Ron Burgundy.

The nicely laid out GUI has three main sections, the main effects section, sampler section, and quick effects section.

The main effects section starts with a basic Filter (HP/LP) and a simple LFO (Waves). The following two effects, Feel and Artifacts, are EQ bands that help tweak the emotion of your sound. Feel focuses on the low to mid-frequency range and Artifacts concentrates on the highs.

As far as sound design goes, that’s a decent start for shaping and adding texture/color.

This section also houses Reverb settings, Delay, and the ten factory presets.

The Sampler section allows you to activate or turn off each of the four voices (samples). Each voice has a dedicated filter, envelope, gain, and pan controls.

At the bottom of the interface, the quick effects section provides output controls for the main effects. It also features a global Gain knob.

Looking elsewhere to get the average retail price of The Apache, I can see on ADSR Sounds it sells for $30. It also reminded me that the Puncher 2 plugin is free with any purchase at ADSR Sounds right now.

The Apache is available in AU and VST3 formats for macOS (10.13 upwards) and Windows (10).

Compatible with all major DAWs, excluding Pro Tools.

Download: Apache