This Is What State Of The Art MIDI Software Looked Like In 1986

This 1986 segment of BBC’s Micro Live showcases the then state-of-the-art in MIDI software.

At the higher end of the market, Tony Hastings of Steinberg Research demonstrates Pro24 for the Atari ST, while Lesley Judd shows some of the cheaper alternatives available for humble 8-bit systems. The Commodore 64 has a Music Expansion System, while even the Spectrum can be used as the heart of a inexpensive music production system, with the Casio CZ101 synth and Cheetah’s MIDI Interface and MK5 keyboard. Finally, there is the Music 5000 Synthesiser box for the BBC Micro.

This segment, originally broadcast 19 December, 1986, comes from the BBC Archive.

If you worked with any of these systems back in the day, leave a comment and share your experience!

via vargasz