Bongo Cat Band Is A FREE Plugin By Audio Fusion Bureau

Audio Fusion Bureau offers Bongo Cat Band, a FREE instrument for macOS and Windows.

Some of you reading this may be thinking, OK, what’s with this guy? He’s talking about a bin with a speaker, and now he’s telling us about something called Bongo Cat Band. I assure you it’s not a made-up name, Bongo Cat Band is here, and it’s free to download.

Audio Fusion Bureau is the developer behind this weird and whimsical instrument. If you’ve seen the silliness of the Bongo Cat YouTube channel (or the Bongo Cat website), you’ll have some idea of what to expect. Anyone who hasn’t yet seen/heard Bongo Cat covers of Uptown Funk or Adele’s Easy On Me, you’re in for a kitty treat.

Bongo Cat Band comes with everything that any good cat band should. It features a Piano, Guitar, Bongo drum, Trumpet, Marimba, and a cat’s Meow sound.

The expression “the cat’s meow” was coined by a cartoonist (Thomas A. Dorgan) around a century ago, and it means the thing in question is especially good or appealing. For example, free plugins are the cat’s meow.

I’m not sure how often you will use the instruments included in the Bongo Cat Band for their individual quality when so many great freebies are available. So, while one of the voices literally is the cat’s meow, I can’t tell you that the instruments, for serious music-making, are the cat’s meow (I know I’m venturing down a cat’s meow rabbit-hole, but I can’t turn back now).

However, if you get some free time and want something fun to do, thinking of a cover song that will sound utterly ridiculous using the Bongo Cat Band could be the cat’s meow.

If it weren’t for Dustbin, I’d say Bongo Cat Band takes the cake for the craziest plugin we’ve seen in a while.

I want to point out that “Takes the Cake” is also the title of an early 80s Garfield comic, which concludes my cat-related trivia/humor. If you stayed with me the whole time, you’re crazy, but thank you.

Jokes aside, Bongo Cat Band is meant to be fun, and I’m pretty sure it delivers on that front. As long as you know when it stops being funny and starts annoying people around you, like when I said cat’s meow for the second or third time.

Bongo Cat Band is available in AU, VST, and VST3 formats for macOS (10.13 upwards) and Windows (8.1 upwards).

A standalone version is available for macOS.

Download: Bongo Cat Band (cat’s meow)