Laon Street Art Festival, France 2022

The city of Loan in Northern France has just wrapped up its first street art festival, Festival d’art urbain de Laon. Organised by Ville de Laon and curated by Christian Guemy (aka artist C215) the city invited sixteen international street artists to paint fourteen monumental murals in the Champagne and Montreuil districts of the medieval city.

Artists invited included Speedy Graphito  Alexone madame Collin van der Sluijs  Satr  Jorge Gerada Shoof Isaac Cordal  Iemza Sema Lao Bebar MonkeyBird Logan Hicks and Zabou

“On the sea, in the colours of Ukraine, a woman holds her child in her arms… symbol of all the women of Ukraine who have come to find peace here” C215

Bébar mural is “totally abstract, very aquatic, very oval, very colourful.

Alexone always lets the paint guide him…

Isaac cordaladds new neighbors to the city of Laon.”

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada paints in his signature style a half portrait of young man with a “play” touch that evokes the development of life in the world.

Logan Hicks paints a piece to be connected to the city of Laon at night.

When Laon Cathedral meets Reims Cathedral. Street artist IEMZA creates a very fun colourful representation of the history of the two cathedrals.

Collin van der Sluijs paints scenes of nature in cities, and in Laon he paints the blackbird singing to make her voice heard over the buildings.

French collage artist Madame writes the legends of the city through her collage paste ups.

French artists MonkeyBird are known for their intricate stencils and for Festival d’art urbain de Laon they include the monkey and bird.

“Breathing is the most natural acts, no need to be deliberate at all. Breathe in, breathe out. Slow down the beast inside you, learn to calm yourself in spite of all the disturbances outside. ” Satr

SATR draws a Caracal who meditates, exhale, inhale… and learn to calm down despite the turbulence of the outside world.

Séma Lao paints her portraits of a grandmother and her grandchild, titled WATER OF LIFE.

Shoof works with arabic calligraphy and bases his mural on the foundation of life… love.

Speedy Graphito paints “an image based on pixel cells to talk about addictions to new technologies and the evolution of the world …

British street artist Zabou paints “Summertime”, a portrait of Jaya laying in the grass, in the sunshine and daydreaming.

Photo courtesy of Festival d’art urbain de Laon.