A Complete Guide To The Minilogue XD – “This Is A Monster Synth!”

The latest XNB video is a complete guide to the Korg Minilogue XD synthesizer, a synth that lets you create classic analog sounds, but also features a digital oscillator and effects, plus the ability for users to load third party effects.

Video Summary:

“This is not a review is a complete in depth, deep dive guide about the synth.

I tried to cover almost everything about the synth on one single video, so I don’t block your learning by releasing part in different days. That’s why is a bit long, but everything is thought and recorded in sections, so you can watch it as a course. You can navigate the timeline or click the chapters to see what you want.

Note: This guide doesn’t cover the sequencer. It will be covered in a few days on a new video. It’s because the guide was too long already.”

Topics Covered:

0:00 – Intro
02:59 – Initial patch, load panel
06:33 – VCO 1 & 2
19:13 – Filter
25:55 – Amp EG
31:04 – EG
37:50 – EG Settings
43:35 – LFO
51:49 – LFO Settings
01:00:09 – Voice Modes
01:05:40 – Arp Modes
01:14:32 – Arp Settings
01:16:50 – Multi Engine
01:30:09 – Phase modulation
01:43:46 – Multi engine settings
01:53:15 – FX
02:03:04 – Joystick
02:06:28 – Globals
02:16:08 – Saving patches
02:19:59 – Favourites
02:21:09 – End