defend abortion rights protest rally 20220702

defend abortion rights protest rally 20220702 – this shouldnt have to be necessary but because of the ever backwards money hungry gun-toting americans overturning Roe vs Wade and making abortion illegal in over 20 states of the USA (figures vary – up to 26 aparently will make it illegal) protests worldwide took place on July the 2nd 2022.

Thousands and thousands turned out for the rally in Melbourne beginning at the state libraray in Swanston St – circling the block – bourke elizabeth latrobe – swanston – but coming down Swanston for the second time some almost 3 hours after it started triggered an incoming sortie of 24 riot police to materialise so the remains moved up to the corner of Russel and Victoria.

signs like: their pussy their choice, america going backwards, same shit different century, my body my fuckin choice, my body my choice, he who hath not a uterus should shut the fucketh up, i am a woman not a womb, rapists get to choose the mother of their children now!!!!

there were some ‘interesting’ comments posted on allthoseshapes instagram as you can see: