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Additionally, for the first time ever, we are offering a complete software version of the pedal via a set of 11 AU and VST3 plugins compatible with most popular DAWs – FREE to all customers that register their Metaverse Warranty online (plugin suite is $49.99 if purchased separately).

Just like the Terraform that came before it, the Metaverse is an advanced, feature-packed design that allows you to navigate the delay world without endless menus on a tiny display. The Metaverse offers a small-footprint stomp box that is fully programmable, preset capable, true stereo, full MIDI control, and has an expression input that you can assign to any of the parameters.

Eleven Onboard Delay Algorithms

1. ANLG – Analog Style Delay

This Program was inspired by Brian’s love of the Boss DM-2 analog delay. He pays respect to characteristics of its warm and responsive tone and gives it that Wampler touch. This program gives you that kind of dark, smooth, analog delay that would have been found in the mid-1980’s.

2. WET – Modulated Analog Delay

Sometimes an echo adds a bit more chewiness and subtle tape-like modulation and hits the right spot. That’s one of the things that Brian loves about the Aqua Puss analog delay. So, we created those characteristics in this algorithm as a homage to the famed delay. If you love vintage boutique analog delays, you’ll love this setting which can almost warp space and time with its liquid repeats.

3. BBD – Bucket Brigade Delay

Brian was always pulling out an old Memory Man Delay to inspire performative, improvisational delay expressions. He wanted to create a program that would recreate that feeling, tonally. Drawing inspiration from one of the warmest sounding delay pedals ever, this algorithm will take you back to the late-1970s when the visionaries of the pedal industry first introduced a real alternative to tape-based echo thanks to a humble little circuit – the Bucket Brigade Delay.

4. JET – Analog Flanger Delay

This is where the team had a little fun. This Program combines the smooth ANLG Program with the unmistakable whooshing sound of a beautiful additive flanger effect.

5. DOC – Wampler ‘The Doctor’

The next regeneration of the Doctor is surely a welcome one and has been fully modelled in this program. Experience the warm modulated delay tone and trail degradation from one of Brian Wampler’s most experimental delay pedals.

6. FTE – Wampler ‘Faux Tape Echo’

This is one of our most popular delay pedals and for good reason. A lot of tape emulation delays simply add chorus to an existing digital delay circuit. Brian was not satisfied with this approach. So, he re-imagined and re-engineered it. The result was a delay pedal that reacted and sounded like a real tape delay unit.

7. ETH – Wampler ‘Ethereal’ Delay

The Ethereal is Wampler’s famous ‘all-in-one’ digital delay and reverb pedal. This program recreates the overlaying twin delays present in this pedal. This is not strictly a ‘dual delay’ algorithm. There is also a secondary delay layer that adds a new pulsing dimension to the sound.

8. MOD – Digital Flanger Delay

Like the JET delay program, this program mixes a gorgeous flanger modulation with our crisp/clean DIGI algorithm to add an extra mix of awesome delay and modulation.


This tape echo algorithm is a tribute to the classic Maestro Echoplex delay with Brian’s unique take. This delay is famous for its self-oscillation capabilities and this program takes that a step further.

10. TAPE – Multi-Head Tape Delay

Inspired by the tones on classic records utilizing the vintage Binson® Echorec® and other mechanical tape and drum delays, this program emulates some of the most important delay sounds in rock music.

11. DIGI – Digital Delay

Based on Brian’s tonal interpretation of what was considered the ‘Industry Standard’ digital delay, TC Electronics 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay, this program is super clean for precise and modern delay tones that are both studio and stage worthy.