I’m Drems from Living The Dream krew. I’m from the San Gabriel Valley, California. I’ve been painting/bombing heavily since 2013 even though I’ve been a crew member since 2008. I started by tagging in 2004.

I was influenced by writers like Saber, Revok, Cels, Atlas, Augor, Craola, Cgol, and many writers I would see on 50mm Los Angeles. I was also inspired by crews such as MSK, AWR, CBS, TheSeventhLetter team, SKA, STK, CSM, BWS, WDK, T5E, MTA, TOP, And ITA.

I can’t really pin down my style I just paint and focus on progression and get those numbers up, I wouldn’t really even consider myself an artist but more like a soldier or sgt. putting it down for my team.

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