New Plugin, Entonal Studio, Makes Any Synth A Microtonal Instrument

Node Audio has introduced Entonal Studio, a plugin (VST/VST3 and AU) and standalone application for Linux, Mac & Windows, that’s designed to make it easy to explore the sounds of microtonal music.

Entonal Studio can host and retune any VST/AU instrument, go beyond 12-tone Equal Temperament with the radial graph, and make your tunings simple to play and sequence, thanks to flexible keyboard mapping options.

It comes with support for over 100 preset tunings, and you can create and share your own custom tunings.


  • Host any AU/VST2/VST3 instrument.
  • Easy to use with any level of tuning know-how.
  • Edit scales your way
  • Map your scales to your keyboard
  • Works with MPE
  • Built-in synthesizer
  • Share tunings
  • Edit tunings across multiple tracks with Groups
  • Entonal communicates note nsmes with your DAW
  • Retune external hardware

Pricing and Availability:

Entonal Studio is available now with an intro price of £59 GBP through August 16th, 2022 (regular £79 GBP). A trial version is also available.