Berlin School Synth Jam, Inspired By Tangerine Dream’s 1977 Live Performances

Jean Luc Briançon, aka Kurtz Mindfields, shared this video for Coldriver Ravin, an original synth composition that he describes as an homage to Tangerine Dream’s “live style 1977” concerts.

Here’s what Briançon shared about the technical details:

“1 LEFT : Kurtz “E” Mindfields : Moog sub37 (overdrive & delay MXR), SynthR3 Mono (ARP 2600 filter), OB3 Oberheim Organ, Arturia “Synclavier & Solina VST on KX88.

2 CENTER : Kurtz “C” Mindfields : NRSynth Moog Modular big Ancestor (+ Steiner Parker filter) & ARP Ancestor, SynthR4 master sequencer (960 type sequencer mode), SynthR3 Arpeggiator, Hansy Mellotron.

3 RIGHT : Kurtz “P” Mindfields : NRSynth Moog Modular, ARP Pro-Soloist, Hansy Mister M (Mellotron Brass), Rhodes on A90 Ex.

Recorded & Mixed on Sequoia 15 / M32 Midas.”