QuNexus Overlays From Oversynth.com

Oversynth.com has introduced a limited series of overlays for the Keith McMillan Instruments QuNexus MIDI controller.

All overlays feature labeling for the QuNexus version 2 firmware and will fit both the original black QuNexus and the new ‘Red’ version.

The overlay designs feature large fonts and high contrast graphics, wherever possible to help with viewing in low-light. They are printed on a sturdy polyester sheet, to help minimize reflections and glare.

They do not have adhesive backing, so they can sit temporarily over the QuNexus and then be removed if desired. They ship with a strip of optional adhesive, though, for a more lasting placement. The adhesive is low-tack and will not damage the surface of the QuNexus.

Pricing and Availability

Overlays for the QuNexus are available now for $25 USD.