My name is Emoy, I started painting in 1989 in the Parisian north suburb when I took the train to reach Paris for the first time, I saw big letters in chrome with incredible style, I was like “wow that s crazy, that s what I want to do !” I get back home and I started drawing letters, I went to the hardware shop, steal some cans and at night I get out of the house by the windows, went to the train station and painted my first piece, I was 14… and I have to admit that I m still in love with graffiti today, I lived almost my whole life writing around the world.

For the most 10 first years, I painted rails and trains, and work on walls of vacant lots and “legal” walls started slowly as time goes by, so styles become more colorful and structured. I always liked painting characters too, in bboy or cartoon styles, because it s where I m from, I mean, as a young kid I was fascinated by cartoons and before graffiti, I was drawing mickey and smurfs as far as I can remember…

In the mid ’90s, we formed very strong crews, 3 HARD CORE, based on friendship, love not only for graffiti but for hip-hop in the whole way of life. We started traveling and making connections all around the world. Graffiti was an unbelievable art, because that was not commercial, we did it freely for free, only for the love of the movement, with the strong thought that it was an incredible form of art, when I look at it today, I can say that we were right.

About my style, I m a traditional writer, I try to give my personal vision of letters, colors, effects but I m not doing always the same kind of render. I love to change because graffiti is living, it s not a frozen art form, you must use it to transmit your moods, and states of mind, it s the nature of that art, its strength. It s instinctive, you can’t tame it, it s the urban nature force. We never be there to serve visual soup to exist, we are free and we will be here as long as hip-hop lives because transmission is the most important component of our art as a way of life.

I belong and I proudly represent 3HC, SAC, BAD and GNS crews, for my brothers who were there along the road, it’s more than crews, it’s family.

Do what you love, and don’t waste time listening to bad influences or people that don’t believe in you or what you do. Share and enjoy!

Style will always be the message!

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