ISOR – So I’ve been around graff from a young age but I’ve been writing for maybe 6/7 years I chose the word ISOR cuz certain people looked at graff and called it an eyesore so I thought ok ima write that shit everywhere

I’m from a UK place called Peterborough but moved to Brighton where I started graffiti. I grew up with a few G’s like diner and chef (rip) then later on met all my NFA dons they now family. I started painting with the boss man VODKA he taught me basically everything took me to spots and kept me motivated and still does to this day, these are the people I admire and get inspiration from everyday

My style varies from big thicc letters to straight bevels, I try not to take it all too serious but I like to mix it up an push myself to do different things,

Graffiti has given me so many crazy experiences and I’ve met the most incredible people in a short while I’ve been doing it all, these memories will last a lifetime

my crew just released a zine “never far away” 118 pages 14 different countries from trains to rollers and everything in between available at

Shouts to all my NFA family, the homies Gary Tokyo rocket and all the writers I’ve met over the years big ups yall

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