Neckface’s Comic-Con After-Party

Comic-Con is back in a big way, as Neck finally got his own booth this year.  Sadly, the chances of getting into the actual convention to see it were pretty slim, as its current iteration is essentially the nerd equivalent of Coachella. But like a true man of the people, our guy made sure to fire up an after-party for the masses—no badge or wristband required. Nuge and Blake Anderson hopped behind the turntables to keep the vibes right all night. Add free drinks and a gift bag from the iconic artist himself and you have the makings for a solid shitshow. —Ben Karpinski

Neck Face Comic Con 1

Right after the convention, the crowd convened at the El Dorado

Neck Face Comic Con 2When I got there, the line was already wrapped around the block. The offer of free booze and a gift bag clearly worked, maybe the homie’s anti-war message will too

Neck Face Comic Con 3Not sure if this pet owner was there for the party or not but she tapped me on my shoulder and said, “ Take a picture of my dog!” Hopefully she sees this somehow

Neck Face Comic Con 4Looks like we got a pack of pups out here 

Neck Face Comic Con 5And free stuff!

Neck Face Comic Con 6New Belgium hooked it up with libations

Neck Face Comic Con 7Skate Rock survivors Sypniewski and the reason we’re all here

Neck Face Comic Con 8Oh, you want pics of the pros?! Yeah, they’re here too. Check out Erick Winkowski in the flesh

Neck Face Comic Con 9 This guy isn’t pro, but maybe he’s a big player in the comic scene?

Neck Face Comic Con 10The crowd had a good mix of convention goers and freeloaders

Neck Face Comic Con 11And lots of skate rats

Neck Face Comic Con 12The mag was well represented 

Neck Face Comic Con 13Show me those logos! Always the easiest way to make the party blog

Neck Face Comic Con 14DJ duo Nuge and Blake Anderson just gettin’ warmed up