Hi My name is KNOCK ID MDR, I am a multidisciplinary writer whose work aims to traverse the public’s mind between surrealism and the natural world. I’ve been painting for nearly 20 years originally from Perth in the remote Western Australia (AUS) but grew up travelling around the globe from a very young age.

My style is heavily influenced by rock formations and the geology below our feet. I try to emanate the natural forms within nature because it’s where we all came from and I feel it’s necessary to reflect on this daily. After spending many years living in japan i couldn’t escape the influence it had on my style, after studying traditional woodblock carving in the mountains of southern japan the intense line work and attention to detail stuck with me and that’s where i am now.

As far as the future goes, I’d like to push boundaries utilising new technology. My last solo exhibition had a lot of 3D printed sculptures and VR worlds incorporated. Currently I’m Living over in Europe trying to make the most of their relaxed train systems, so many good spots for painting.

Thanks again Bombing Science hope to chat with you in the near future…

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