Save $429 with a Xencelabs Pen Tablet and Corel Painter 2023 bundle

Tablet maker Xencelabs, founded by ex-Wacom boffins, has one of the best deals around at the moment – get Corel Painter 2023 absolutely free when you buy any Xencelabs Pen Tablet. Considering a new copy of Corel’s leading digital painting software costs $439, that’s a huge saving if you’re new to digital art or looking to upgrade.

You’re getting some fantastic products too, we raved about the Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium in our review, scoring it a full 5/5 and it regularly makes our best drawing tablet buying guide. Our review of last year’s Corel Painter 2022 scored an equally high 4/5, expect our deep dive into Corel Painter 2023 soon.

This Corel offer is currently only available in the US, at the Xencelabs store (opens in new tab), but if you’re looking for a deal on just a Xencelabs Pen Tablet in the UK then you can save money too – get 20% off the new Xencelabs Medium Bundle in white for £359.99 £288.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab).

If you’re after a complete drawing tablet experience then Xencelabs is a great choice, we’ve recommended their devices ever since this new company came on the scene to compete with leading brand Wacom. With the ability to fine-tune the pen pressure and tilt to mimic a paint brush, along with Quick Keys accessory for ease of use, the range of Xencelabs tablets come highly recommended. 

A photo of the white Xencelabs Drawing Tablet

Get a copy of Corel Painter 2023 free. The offer extends to the swish new new  Xencelabs Drawing Tablet medium bundle SE (Image credit: Xencelabs)

There are a range of sizes and price to pick from, the small Xencelabs Pen Tablet costs $199.99 while the standard medium edition costs $279.99. The wonderful new white Xencelabs Pen Tablet Medium SE bundle retails at $379.99. All come with a free copy of Corel Painter 2023, so you’re technically saving money.

If you’ve not yet tried Corel Painter then this is a great time to get this leading digital painting software for free, saving $429. The draw of this software is its incredible simulation of paint on a digital canvas, which enables you to mimic real world art techniques in your digital work. It can be used in combination with other software too, to give a new lifelike finish to Photoshop art.

If you’re new to digital art and looking to set yourself up or want to upgrade your kit then this Corel / Xencelabs offer is a great one, but you may also want to update your laptop too. Take a look at our guide to the best laptops for drawing to see the latest offers on the best computers for digital art.

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