Pauli Pölkki Releases FREE Wave Manuel Virtual Synthesizer

Finnish synth engineer Pauli Pölkki releases Wave Manuel, FREE for macOS and Windows.

Wave Manuel is a free waveshaping synth that aims to surpass the expected.

At first glance, Wave Manuel appears to offer more than many other synth freebies. The heart of the plugin is its morphing oscillator, which has three shaping parameters: Symmetry, Saturation, and Shaping.

Each of the oscillator parameters has a dedicated envelope (Attack, Decay, and Release) and LFO.

As sound shaping and modulation go, the envelope with curve control and the LFO provides plenty of options. To make things a little more interesting, you can use the LFO in stereo with 180 degrees phase offset. So, you can create some nice movement in your sound, and get ultra-wide, too.

The variable shape oscillator generates the classic analog-style waveforms, including Triangle, Saw, and Pulse. The nature of the morphing oscillator allows you to go anywhere in between the typical shapes or push beyond them.

Moving past the oscillator parameters, we come to the FM, Filter, and Amp sections.

The FM and Filter sections have dedicated envelopes and LFOs, while the Amp has a dedicated envelope and Drive.

If we jump back to the top of the GUI now, you’ll see we also get Pitch, Vibrato, and Velocity controls, along with a Reverb processor with Decay, Pre-Delay, Damping, and Color.

Rounding off the GUI, the top-right corner will display the current shape of the waveform and how it’s morphing.

The GUI might gain some mixed reactions, but Wave Manuel is in the early stages of its existence and comes from a new developer, so I’d expect tweaks and enhancements in the future versions (currently 1.0.0).

For now, it seems like an interesting synth from an interesting developer, and it’s free.

If you want something a little different, you could check out Explorer from Fabric 70; a free synth plugin we covered earlier in July 2022.

Wave Manuel is available in AU and VST formats for macOS and Windows.

Download: Wave Manuel