Madvilian, I’m from Siberia, from the small town of Barnaul.

I started drawing around 2007, but I was young and it was not a completely conscious drawing, but I was always inspired by American hip-hop culture. I can’t put into words the feeling when you first see graffiti on the street and you feel a freedom, but I think each of us has experienced it. Also in those days, real graffiti legends of our country lived and painted in our city, such as: 5nak, aber, goa and a huge group of cool creative people.Looking at their work, I immediately realized that I should do graffiti. then there was a long break and after it, in 2020 I started painting again.

My style is strict gothic calligraphy as well as lettering illegally drawn in prominent places. Also, when I started lettering, I stopped limiting myself to one nickname, as I discovered a whole new world of letters and ways of writing them.

Most of all, I like to bomb, make roof tops and huge pieces with a roller. often on the rooftops I paint alone and this is the best meditation, combined with an awesome atmosphere. I am also a supporter of minimalism and try to focus on the quality of letterforms.

I am inspired by any writer with good handwriting, I think every artist has their own unique style and I like that.

Huge respect to you for offering to share your story!

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