New Album Celebrates The 75th Birthday Of The Late Klaus Schulze

Aural Films has released a new album, celebrating the 75th birthday of the late Klaus Schulze, Requiem.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“What could be more natural now than to honor not only Klaus’ birthday, but his whole life – that was the starting signal for REQUIEM. And once again, artists from all over the world came together in no time at all, ready to reignite the flickering flame of electronic music and shout one last musical “hello” to Klaus.

Electronic sound experiments, expansive ambient atmospheres and meandering sequencer orgies alternate with contemporary chill-out rhythms and modern electronica excursions – there is no aspect of Klaus Schulze’s music which is not paid tribute to, be it for 3:00 or even 30 minutes. It’s alive, the Berlin School, even if its founding father has retired. And they have done their homework, the (partly not so) young rascals. Klaus’ spirit lives on – in his music, in our memories and in the music of those he inspired.”

For fans of Klaus Schulze, the album offers both a collection of music inspired by Schulze, and an introduction to a wide range of artists from around the world that have been inspired by his music.

You can preview Requiem via the embed below. It’s available to purchase for $5 on Bandcamp. All proceeds will be donated to the UN Refugee Agency, which is working to support the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine that has displaced millions of people.