How To Build A ‘Synth Wall’ Using Slatwall

The latest Tefty & Meems video takes a look at building a ‘synth wall’ to store your synths vertically.

The video takes a look at using Slatwall to mount your keyboards to the wall, documenting the experience, pros and cons, and overall thoughts of using Slatwall vs a keyboard stand.

Topics covered:

00:00 Intro and the keyboard stand options
02:39 The Crownwall Slatwall setup & installation
05:54 Keyboard Slatwall Arms Options
09:50 Some price comparisons
11:00 Power for the gear
11:40 USB Hub for midi (and audio)
12:41 Quick note on the Mackie Onyx24 mixer
13:21 Lighting
14:10 Final thoughts

Check it out and share your thoughts on this approach in the comments!