Access Virus TI Classic Synth Review – ‘One Of The Greatest Synths Of All Time’

In this video, synthesist and producer Joey Blush, aka Blush Response, takes a look at the classic Access Virus TI.

The Access Virus TI is a DSP-based virtual analog synthesizer, with three oscillators per voice, dual multi-mode filters, expansive modulation options and a deep effects section. But the TI also goes beyond virtual analog, with supersaw, wavetable, granular & formant oscillators.

The Virus TI has been described as “the pinnacle of DSP-based digital synthesis” for its day. If its synthesis capabilities aren’t enough to impress you, the 80-voice polyphony and 16-part multi-timbral operation might do it.

Blush argues that the Access Virus TI, even close to two decades later, is “one of the greatest synths of all time”. How many synths today offer great build quality, 80-voice polyphony, deep synthesis capabilities and 16-part multi-timbrality?

Does the Access Virus TI make most of today’s DSP-based synth look wimpy? Check out the video, and then share your thoughts on the Access Virus TI in the comments!