Cool WAV Releases FREE Simple Console VST3 Plugin For Windows

Cool WAV has released a new plugin called Simple Console, emulating some functions of an analog console. You can download it for FREE or pay whatever you like. It’s only available as a VST3 plugin for Windows users.

Simple Console is one of those plugins that are perfectly described by their name. It’s very simple, and it emulates a console.

The release comes from Cool WAV, a seasoned producer of plugins, preset banks, and sample packs, which is reflected in this. Their latest creation gives you easy control over each track with simple saturation, frequency cut, and input/output controls for proper gain staging.

Simple Console offers a total of five controls, all of which are very easy to access. There are three knobs for Input, Output, and Drive.

Drive adds preamp saturation similar to many popular analog consoles: it can be really aggressive above 85%, but sometimes over the top is good. This setting is identical to the one found in Simple Saturation, Cool WAV’s earlier release.

The Input knob controls gain before the signal goes through the saturation circuit (range; -10dB to 10 dB). The output controls the gain after the saturation is applied (-10dB to 0dB). The two remaining controls are the low and high-frequency filter cuts. You can control the frequency cut threshold, both low and high, using the two sliders provided.

The interface has a simple but practical design with saturated colors for each control — a very retro look. Aside from using the knobs, you can type in the exact values you need. Plus, it responds and performs extremely well even on older computers.

Simple Console is exceptionally CPU-efficient, so it can be applied to any and all the tracks in your project simultaneously. Double-clicking on any effect sets it back to default.

Check out the plugin in action here:

If you like Simple Console, try out Cool WAV’s other releases. Most of them are free, and the paid ones are usually $10 or less. Simple Saturation has the same Drive effect but with more control over it, so if you need only the saturation effect, go for that.

Plus, you can get a broad library of preset banks, sample packs, and even royalty-free compositions and MIDI files.

Download: Simple Console