Hello my name is Teso1 over the years I have also started to write other words or to anagram my tag to find new joints.
I am from Naples in southern Italy, and in 1996 I started to love graffiti, currently, I live and work in Naples, I have always tried to support myself with art. Letters is a visceral thing, if I don’t do it, I feel bad with myself and others. I embrace research, my character does not allow me to always do the same style, I like to change, I believe that change is life, however there are cycles.In international experiences I have learned a lot thanks to comparison, the cities that have inspired me the most in addition to newyork as a style, I am germany, france.when you are young you dream of being like your great artist but when you grow up and keep the need to paint, you tend to detach yourself from influences, however i see graffiti as a luggage, a luggage full of experience, color life , of good and bad experiences. there are many artists that I respect, but I cannot name them all, for sure in my city in the last 11 years thanks to the back style I got to know some of the best artists in the world. , don’t be lazy and never stop, lock yourself in the study and develop a good feeling with instinct, freedom and fun. only then can you become good at having sex

Thank you so much for your support very respect. Peace

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