Xiaomi just revealed the laziest gadget concept ever

Picture the scene: you sit down after a long day at work, pick up your phone and then decide that even scrolling is too much effort. We’ve all been there, right? Well, Xiaomi might have a cure for that scroll fatigue with this futuristic, and hilariously lazy, new smart device. 

Xiaomi has created the MiGu Headband, which allegedly reads your brain waves and transforms them into interactions with your smart devices. Yep, you could simply think about turning on your TV and it would switch on – how dystopian is that? But don’t get your hopes up for brain-powered living too soon, because right now it’s just a prototype and Xiaomi is yet to confirm whether it will pursue the device. However, if you would like to have a go at creating your own, you might want to brush up on your coding with one of the best coding courses. 

According to Xiaomiui (opens in new tab), a Xiaomi fansite, “There are three points on the headband that can receive electrical signals, the user’s EEG can be read based on the potential difference between the points. With the Xiaomi MiGu Headband, users can use brain waves to control smart home systems, and also detect fatigue based on brain waves”. 

The MiGu headband has ended up winning the first prize at Xiaomi’s online Hackathon. And while I can’t imagine that we will have brain-controlled smart devices rolling out into our homes any time soon, it’s kind of terrifying to think that there is the potential for tech to be constantly analysing our brain waves 24/7 sometime in the future. 

The Xiaomi MiGu headset

Is the MiGu headset dystopian or cool? (Image credit: Xiaomi)

We’re still waiting on the likes of the Apple VR headset and Meta’s VR headset, so we should be at least a few years off mind-reading headbands just yet, right? However, with the likes of Elon Musk’s humanoid Optimus and the Amazon Echo that speaks to you like your dead relatives, you just can never be too sure what the future holds. 

We will just have to wait and see whether Xiaomi start working on a purchasable MiGu headband, but for now, perhaps one of the best VR headsets will suffice. Or if you wanted to have a go at creating your own spooky brain-powered headset, then why not equip yourself with one of the best laptops for programming

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