Ronan Fed Releases FREE RF-DSP Multi-Effect Processor

Ronan Fed released RF-DSP, a freeware multi-effect in VST plugin format for compatible DAW software on Windows.

RF-DSP is a multi-effect unit consisting of a 3-band parametric EQ, a delay, a hall reverb, a compressor, a stereo enhancer, and a multi-mode distortion. Each module can be bypassed to reduce CPU consumption.

The included FX modules are arranged horizontally on the GUI, starting with the EQ on the left and ending with the stereo enhancer on the right. The top section sports a global bypass switch, input and output gain controls, and the preset browser.

The effects come with just the right amount of control parameters to make RF-DSP versatile yet easy to use. It’s not as foolproof as a one-knob plugin, but you won’t be confused or annoyed by staring at too many knobs, either.

The parametric EQ lets you adjust each band’s gain, frequency, and Q. The delay module is perhaps the most tweakable of the bunch, with multiple processing modes, damping, delay offset, a multi-mode resonant filter, and a feedback knob.

The distortion module is the most straightforward one. It only features a gain knob and a drop-down menu for choosing one of the four available modes (saturation, overdrive, bitcrushing, and hard clipping).

Obviously, RF-DSP won’t substitute your go-to compressor or your favorite delay plugin. But, it works surprisingly well as a creative effect for adding interest to select tracks in your project.

The developer published a demo video showing how RF-DSP can quickly you can reshape the sound of an electronic drum kit. The transformation is quite impressive, to be honest.

And speaking of plugins that work great on drums, check out our free BPB Dirty Filter if you haven’t already. It can distort, boost, or completely obliterate any piece of audio you send its way.

RF-DSP is available for free download from Ronan Fed’s website. It is available in VST2 and VST3 plugin formats for 64-bit digital audio workstations on Windows.

Download: RF-DSP