HOT OFEN 112 – From Hildesheim. A small German town in the summer of 1992…. We played Paper Boy and Leisure Suit Larry, NWA was already playing in the background. An older friend showed me how to tag, we drew Ray and Kay. Armed with thin Edding Markes, we moved to the playgrounds of our neighborhood. Not knowing what we were doing. The magic only lasted through the summer. Salt-N-Pepper, MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice accompanied me for now until another friend showed up at my door in 1994 with a Sparvar, we went tagging. Wow, what a chaos, new possibilities, bigger tags. For me a new universe opened up and I dived deeper and deeper. Gradually I understood what was happening. In 1998 I found the great love for my crew PBS (PLAYBOYS) (Instagram: @playboys_crew) in my neighboring town Braunschweig the crew exists since 1994. At that time I met AGRO, my brother in spirit. Our crew now is made up of some old sprayers from all over Germany (Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Braunschweig, Hildesheim… ).

I see graffiti as a long journey into hidden universes. The eternal search for the optimum or unknown, for the best spot or the perfect night. A journey through time on which one also likes to fall back on old means. I am a quite critical person, also with my own pictures. I am rarely satisfied or saturated for more than a week. Again and again the topics “future” or “past” occupy me. I let these topics flow into my styles.

Since a few years I have rediscovered Bombing for me. I was quite active in the second part of the 1990s. Back then, as a teenager, it was also an escape and pure adventure. Today, in my 40s, it brings balance to my life. It’s a release from the stress and hustle and bustle of everyday life. I go mostly alone – to be alone with myself. I can rely on myself the best, no disturbing noises, no questions, silence. I love spots on the line, classic bombing is also part of my repertoire.

If someone would ask me what I would like to achieve I would say – nothing. It comes as it comes. You are your own captain but you can’t prevent the comets from hitting you anyway. Of course I want to impress and encourage young people to graffiti. One goal would be satisfaction and then it starts all over again. Like every week. In every quadrant. Leaving signs. Then, now, forever.


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