Nano Dynamics Is A Free Multi-Band Compressor By OneCluckChords

OneCluckChords announces the release of Nano Dynamics, a FREE multi-band compressor and maximizer plugin.

Although the company is a relatively new player in the plugin game, its aptitude for valuable and efficient music production software shows with the release of Nano Dynamics.

Compression is one of the most over-used yet misunderstood tools by music producers.

When used right, compression is essential to take individual tracks and whole songs to the next level. While some people like to use a standard compressor as a blanket effect, producers can also take it further with multi-band compression.

Nano Dynamics offers multi-band compression with a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Once applied to your track/song, this plugin divides your frequencies into Highs, Mids, and Bass, allowing you to use compression individually on different frequencies or “bands.”

Multi-band compressors are incredibly useful for bringing out desired sounds from tracks while maintaining the qualities of other frequencies.

For example, this form of compression is widespread on lead vocals.

Often singers will be projecting more volume while singing in a lower range. A multi-band compressor can help compress the lows so that the vocal maintains consistency even as they begin to sing higher, which can often sound “thinner.”

Within Nano Dynamics, these three frequency bands are controlled with a simple compression slider followed by a knob to determine the overall output to the master.

OneCluckChords notes that their plugin works by “auto-detecting attack and release times.” After the levels are determined, the signal is sent through their Maximizer algorithm.

Users then have the option to cut the low end or high end from their signal and add “Power” and “Swing.”

Nano Dynamics has one final maximizer to polish the sound before determining your desired overall dry/wetness.

The user interface features bold colors and simple font against a white background, offering a genuinely no-nonsense and practical platform to add multi-band compression and hone your sound!

To download/install this plugin, follow the link to the plugin page on the KVR Audio website. You’ll see the option to “download,” which will take you to a Google Drive folder containing the needed files.

Nano Dynamics is currently only available to Windows users in VST3 format.

Download: Nano Dynamics