Korg Opsix, Wavestate & Modwave Compared

Korg today shared this video, comparing their three compact digital synths, the Opsix, Wavestate and modWave.

Each of the synths shares a similar physical format, but offers an updated take on a different type of classic digital synthesis.

In the video, Product Manager Natalie Chami discusses the similarities between all three synths, and the types of synthesis that sets them all apart.

The timing of this video may strike some as odd, given that Korg last week was selling the Opsix at a drastically reduced price. Or, if you someone who likes your brand new Opsix, it may have you taking a second look at the Wavestate and modWave.

Check out the video and share your thoughts on these synths in the comments!

Topics covered:

0 – 0:18 – Intro
0:18 – 2:03 – Similarities
2:03 – 5:03 – opsix (FM)
5:03 – 8:03 – wavestate (wave sequencing)
8:03 – 13:26 – modwave (wavetable)
13:26 – Outro