SIM-THROAT Is A FREE Throat-Singing Plugin By Quilcom

Quilcom offers SIM-THROAT, a free throat-singing effect plugin for Windows.

I feel pretty confident in saying that, over the last few weeks, most of you have been thinking, OK, I’ve got the Foghorn instrument from LABS; when will we get a free throat-singing effect?

I understand your lack of patience; there’s nothing worse than not having the right tools to complete your foghorn, throat-singing country music album.

Finally, the wait is over, thanks to Quilcom.

SIM-THROAT is a plugin that you shouldn’t take too seriously in the sense that it’s not aiming for a perfect recreation of authentic throat-singing. But, as we all know, a plugin doesn’t need to be serious to be useful; sometimes, a bit of fun is just what we need.

The idea is that you sing into your microphone, and SIM-THROAT uses the fundamental of your vocals to operate a synth, which is then fed into a vocoder.

The plugin mimics some pulsing characteristics of throat-singing, but it does so with an overwhelmingly digital sound. Don’t get too caught up in thinking it sounds too digital or not authentic enough; as I mentioned, it’s not aiming for realism. However, it certainly implies throat-singing, which could be a modern nod to an ancient technique.

It could also be an interesting sound that you use in a track; maybe you could sing bass lines or even solos rather than playing them.

SIM-THROAT has some adjustable characteristic parameters like Tension, Rattle, and Slew. It also has some Pitch, Delay, and Reverb controls. Considering the plugin is primarily just for fun, it has a nice GUI with well-defined controls.

The developer has uploaded an explainer/demo video to YouTube, and it’s worth checking out if you are curious about how SIM-THROAT sounds.

SIM-THROAT is Windows only, but if any Mac users are looking for something a little quirky, check out OI, Grandad!

Download: SIM-THROAT (scroll down or use CTRL+F to locate the plugin, click the screenshot to download)