NINA 12-Voice Analog Polysynth With Motorized Controls Now Available To Pre-Order

Melbourne Instruments has announced that the NINA, a 12-voice polysynth combining the tactile and sonic qualities of classic analog, with motorized patch recall and automation, is now available to pre-order.


  • 12 Voice Polyphony.
  • Motorized recallable and automatable control panel using long lasting zero wear encoders with the feel and precision of analog pots.
  • Variable shape triangle oscillators. Continuously morph wave-shape between triangle and sawtooth to find new timbres. Different to a traditional blend.
  • 4 pole transistor ladder VCF with modulatable resonance.
  • Massive voice-level filter overdrive.
  • Digital Wavetable Oscillators.
  • Sampling capability.
  • Deep Modulation Matrix. Quick edit, all sources to all destination.
  • Patch morphing for complex expressive effects.
  • Stereo Infinite Panning effects with 4 Quadrant DCAs.
  • Onboard digital effects.
  • Multitimbral, layered, split, or overlapping.
  • Hackable open-source software control powered by Raspberry Pi 4.

Pricing and Availability

NINA is available now to pre-order, starting at $3,000. They note:

“We have a special first-edition run of 500 units only. These units will be individually badged and numbered. The first 100 units ordered will receive an Early Bird Discount of $500.00, with additional units ordered before October 30, 2022 eligible for an Early Adopter Discount of $250.00. From Nov. 1, 2022, any remaining units will be available at the full price of $3500.00.”