Sweetwater Intros Gear Exchange, A New Marketplace For Used Gear

Sweetwater has introduced Gear Exchange, a new marketplace for musicians to buy and sell used gear.

Gear Exchange offers an alternative to options like Ebay & Reverb. Through Gear Exchange, there are currently zero seller fees incurred when the seller chooses a Sweetwater gift card as the form of payment.

Gear Exchange sellers have the opportunity to create their own customized storefront, including setting a store address, outlining policies for returns, and adding a bio to let people learn more about them. Sellers can create listings that include photos of the instruments and gear they no longer need or want.

To maintain safety, Gear Exchange has implemented fraud prevention measures, including requiring photos of the exact item listed. There will be badges available on the storefront pages showcasing how long Gear Exchange sellers have been verified Sweetwater customers.

Sweetwater also says that there will be “a full team of administrators” monitoring the marketplace for any potential security risks. Shipping labels for sellers can be purchased directly through The Gear Exchange, at Sweetwater’s volume rates. The cost of the labels can be subtracted from the payout, so sellers don’t have to pay shipping bills until they get paid.

If you’ve used Gear Exchange, share your thoughts on it in the comments!