Hi, I’m Bush aka Bushup, I’m from the south of France, I am a self-taught painter who paints mainly in the street and recently on canvases and various objects (I love it, I hope to quickly recover my studio)…. I discovered the spray very young in the 90s until the early 2000s with shit spray !! I was inspired by the Parisians 93 NTM crew and by New York artists. I was only tagging, a lot of tagging… a true little vandal…. then I stopped for a long time because of delinquency, work, music and family, I always drew, painted, scribble but much less in the street …. I took the spray again recently, now I do a lot of throwup and bubble, I found the spontaneous side of the tag, I like the primitive and improvised side. I like this style, surely the references of my youth, like Vaughn Bodé with these letterings and its characters, I think it inspired a lot of graffiti artists, the Barbapapa of my youth, the Malabars or BubbleGum … damn I loved that !!!

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