Sonixinema Releases FREE Upright Bass For Kontakt Player

Sonixinema releases Contemporary Bass: Freebie, a free Kontakt library featuring the sounds of an upright bass.

This release is the last in the Contemporary Soloist freebie series, and what a great series it is!

When discussing previous releases, I’ve had a lot of positive things to say about them, but I think this one might be the most interesting yet.

When I say that this one could be the most interesting yet, it’s not so much that I’d put it head-to-head with the others and prefer this one; it’s more because a great bass sound is harder to come by than great strings.

The freebie comes with one full patch (Gypsy Pizzicato) and two preset snapshots (Distant and Spaced).

There’s something about the two-feel, Gypsy Jazz, upright bass sound that just gets you hooked. It’s the same formula over and over, for the most part; the root and fifth, with some melodic content in transitions. But it sounds incredible, and thanks to this freebie, I’ll probably binge on Gypsy Jazz for around two weeks now. As soon as I read the patch name, I got out some Django (Reinhardt) in Paris recordings.

Any gypsy Jazz fans who haven’t yet seen it, you should check out the movie Sweet and Lowdown; it’s fantastic.

Contemporary Bass: Freebie works with the free Kontakt player like the previous Contemporary Soloist freebies.

Throughout the Contemporary Soloist series and other products, we’ve seen that Sonixinema takes pride in attention to detail. The developer clearly likes to choose players, instruments, locations, and articulations carefully when sampling.

This time, the focus is on a 19th-century bass and some unique articulations. Of course, the freebie only provides a small taste of the full library.

If you want to upgrade to the full version and get access to unique articulations and more, you can get it for £69 right now; that’s a 30% discount on the regular price (£99).

Cinematic freebies are always among my personal favorites, and I consider Sonixinema’s offerings to be some of the best.

If you haven’t tried the others yet, grab the Contemporary Viola, Violin, and Cello freebies, too.

Excellent work, Sonixinema!

Download: Contemporary Bass: Freebie