City: Osorno, chile 🇨🇱.
Since: 2007

How long painting: My beginnings in hip hop and others were in 2004 when I saw my first tags, my first graffiti, I was practically a child but I stuck with it… and years later I took up graffiti again in 2006 and officially started painting on the street. 2007/8 and to date. About 14 or 15 years without stopping.

Where are you from:
I am from a small city in the south of Chile called Osorno, X Region. It is a city that has a long history of good exponents of wildstyle at the national level. A cold and rainy city but with a unique charm. writers: I was always influenced by the graffiti I saw in those years from Mayes, Gra, Ysek, Nada, Magnuz, Fisek, Destino and several Chilean writers due to the diversity of styles but following the same line of graffiti with points and negative styles. I also like the Saber style but my particular taste was the old Nothing style which was the base of my current style.

My style:
My style is somewhat aggressive since I use many intertwined lines and pointed ends that resemble a logo of a death metal band hahaha but more than anything I like the challenge itself, being able to show myself that I can do something unique and complex, difficult to read for people who do not know this world but shocking for those who already live in it. I like the fine lines, the shine, the cuts and everything I can do to make my pieces impressive, I also take care to use the available material well because in Chile everything is very expensive. I always like to challenge myself and nowadays I don’t sketch to paint… I just flow, but nevertheless, to be able to create my style I was designing practically 13 years in a row, only wildstyle, which limited me to learning simpler styles such as flop, trow up or simpler letters. ,but now I can continue to grow as a wildstyler and combine various techniques and styles. I also like the cold color strokes with dark fills as they represent the cold climate of our city.

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