The Syn-Ket, aka ‘The Morricone Synthesizer’, Was Way Ahead Of Its Time

In his latest video, synthesist Hainbach takes a look at one of the rarest synths ever made, the Syn-Ket.

The Syn-Ket is fascinating, because, though it was introduced a year before the Moog modular synthesizer, it’s  a powerful all-in one multi-timbral instrument. It features a three-tiered keyboard that support microtonal tuning, velocity sensitivity and expressive pitch control via left-to-right motion.

Here’s what Hainbach has to say about it:

“In 1963, when synthesizers were wall-sized, Paolo Ketoff designed a portable yet sonically rich electronic instrument, the Syn-Ket. Created for film scoring and experimental musicians, the Syn-Ket became a classic of Italian film scoring, with Ennio Morricone being one of the early adopters. Only 8 or 9 where made, and I got to play the only one that is known to work @Museo del Synth Marchigiano.”

Check out the video and share your thoughts on the Syn-Ket in the comments!