These mini Nintendo Switch game cases are simply adorable

With many gamers shifting towards digital downloads over the last few years, it can feel like physical copies of games are on the way out. But many still prefer owning their own cartridges or disks – and those people get to enjoy things like these ridiculously small Nintendo Switch game cases.

A Twitter user has shared the find, to the delight of Switch users across the internet. Next to these perfectly cartridge-sized things, Nintendo’s actual boxes look positively gargantuan. (Check out the best Nintendo Switch deals if you’re ready to start gaming.) 

Tiny Nintendo Switch cases

Need (Image credit: Rakueru on Twitter)

“Guys, I bought something that I really need to show you,” Twitter user Rakueru announced alongside a photo of the tiny cases, which cram all of the detail of the full-size cases into a tiny (and no doubt largely illegible) format. And Switch fans are loving them. There are a few Etsy sellers offering tiny Switch cases, including Kustom3DGermany (opens in new tab) and PandaTigerShop (opens in new tab).

As well as rejoicing at the sheer adorableness of them, many have commended the designs for their reduced use of plastic. “Seriously, Switch game cases are both the most disappointing thing when you open them, and a serious waste of plastic. yes, please put my tiny ass game cartridge inside a comparatively massive case,” one user comments, while another adds, “This is how they should be sold.”

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But some have pointed out a few drawbacks with the teeny-tiny boxes, which could pose a choking hazard, or easily make their way into the washing machine via a jeans pocket. Oh, and they could prove a little easier to shoplift, too.

Still, like this tiny Lego monitor, the diminutive Switch cases are adorable – and that’s good enough for me. But if you’re going to spend your pocket money on pocket cases, you’re going to need some games to fill them – check out the best Nintendo Switch games, and take a look at today’s best Switch deals below.