Ear Candy Technologies A FREE Plugin Trio: Zafiro, Ruby, and Esmeralda.

Ear Candy Technologies are offering a trio of free VST plugins for digital audio workstations on macOS and Windows.

The first of the three is Zafiro, a multi-effect plugin that aims to transform mundane sounds into something far less ordinary.

The Ear Candy website features some demos that showcase just how impactful the transformation can be on various sources.

Zafiro features an LFO, oscillating between 0 and 10Hz, which offers square, sawtooth, triangle, and sinusoidal waveforms, along with two original waveforms.

A distortion section offers a bit crusher, overdrive, and multiband/amplitude distortion.

Next up is Ruby, a versatile delay plugin with a 16-step sequencer.

By 16-step, I mean sixteen repetitions of the delay, and it’s a lovely feature. You can toggle repetitions (steps) on/off and even alter their pitch, as you might with a regular step sequencer.

Ruby allows you to dictate the delay time freely or sync to your project BPM.

Ruby also features a Tremolo section with six different waveforms and adjustable pan.

Regarding free delay plugins, Ruby seems like it encourages creativity more than many.

The last of the three freebies is Esmeralda, an easy-to-use reverb with a Binaural module.

At its core, Esmeralda is a straightforward reverb offering four different spaces and the choice of four materials.

The Binaural module features a 360° azimuth slider, which allows you to find the perfect spatial balance.

Synthetic Mode (Sintético) provides one additional reverb option; a combination of the Schroeder algorithm and convolution.

Also, check out the free RO-GOLD from Black Rooster Audio if you can’t get enough reverb.

Without getting deep into individual plugins, it’s fair to say the three share the same simple approach to design and functionality. The GUIs are reminiscent of something from Tron or a computer screen from any well-aged sci-fi movie.

You can download all three plugins from the Ear Candy website or Plugin Boutique.

All three plugins are available in 64-bit AU, VST, VST3, and AAX formats for macOS (10.10 upwards – Intel/M1 supported) and Windows ( 7 upwards).

Download: Ear Candy Technologies