TikTok DJs: 5 Creators Rewriting the Rules on Social Media


“DJ-ing on social media is more content focused, instead of focusing on a community of an audience like how I normally would at a club/venue, I’m putting out my creations to the world, and that has to be adjusted to the majority of the globe’s favourite tracks.”

“This means that I’ll have more time to come up with ideas & transition methods, whereas if this was done live – it involves lots of quick thinking and it sometimes might not work as great as it does without practice.”

“For social media, creators are restricted in terms of the duration of our content. As most TikTok users have short attention spans, we’re required to make a quick & strong impact to catch the attention of the audience within a certain time period – this can sometimes be challenging as not all mashups sound great short.”

“Social media also allows others to save and re-use sounds. If it trends, it could potentially bring up the streaming numbers to the tracks I’ve used. Live transitions are meant more for the audience to bring up the vibes, and usually isn’t recorded unless it’s planned.”