TugGlicento Is A FREE Glitch VST Plugin By 2Rule

2Rule releases TugGlicento, a freeware glitch effect in VST3 plugin format for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

TugGlicento looks very similar to the Glitch 2 (€49.95)plugin by Illformed. And if you’ve been producing music on a computer back in the late 2000s, 2Rule’s new plugin will probably remind you of the absolutely legendary Glitch 1.3 freeware plugin.

Glitch 1.3 is still available for free download, but it’s 32-bit and only available on Windows. It is one of the iconic freeware VSTs, delivering instant glitching, reversing, and stuttering effects back in the early days of Virtual Studio Technology.

Glitch 1.3 by dblue. Ah, the memories...

Glitch 1.3 by dblue. Ah, the memories…

Some considered it cheating, but Glitch 1.3 was undeniably a groundbreaking plugin back then.

Nowadays, there are several paid options that deliver a similar workflow, including the aforementioned Glitch 2. However, TugGlicento aims to bring some of that sweet glitchy magic to modern VST3-compatible DAWs in the form of a freeware plugin.

TugGlicento offers five FX sequencer lanes and twelve different effects:


Like in Glitch 1.3, the user can sequence the available effects while adjusting their speed, duration, volume, pan, and envelope. If you like a pinch of chaos with your portion of glitch, TugGlicento lets you randomize the FX lanes, either separately or all at once.

Each FX module comes with its own set of control parameters. For example, the DECIMATOR module lets you adjust the bit depth and sampling rate, whereas the DISTORTION lets you fine-tune the drive, mix, and threshold.

The plugin also features resonant Moog-style filters and a set of ADSRs and LFOs to modulate the signal. The filters go to the very edge of self-resonance, providing yet another option for coloring and shaping the incoming audio.

TugGlicento is nicely designed, especially considering the number of options at hand. The interface is clean and intuitive, so you shouldn’t run into any confusion when running it for the first time. If, however, you want to start glitching your audio in a matter of seconds, TugGlicento provides a handful of presets to get you up and running in no time.

The software is available in 64-bit VST3 plugin format for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS. You can enter any price when downloading the plugin, and the minimum asking price is zero (the developer suggests a $2 donation).

Download: TugGlicento (pay what you want, no minimum, $2 suggested donation)