Live Buchla Modular Improvised Performance

Chinese synthesist tamiX (Nan Tang) shared this live performance, Farewell to Mike.

Tang makes creative use of a Buchla modular system and has a unique approach to live performance, using a  Multidimensional Kinesthetic Input Port as a keytar to control a 200e Series modular system, and wearing an effects pedal to allow for gestural control.

Here’s what Tang has shared about her rig details:

Buchla 200e Modular System (24U) with 223e controller, see details on ModularGrid
Akai MFC24
Eventide H9 Max
Eventide H9 Dark
KOMA Elektronik Kommander x2
Low Gain Electronics UTL-1A Format Jumbler Utility Box
Sound Devices MixPre 10 II