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A Rare Epiphone Riviera with Gibson DNA

Hey guitar ornithologists! Here's a rare bird for you: a 1968 Epiphone E360 TDV...

Jim Croce’s Fingerstyle Tricks

It's great to have polished songs memorized note-for-note and stored neatly in your gigging...

Charvel Unveils the Angel Vivaldi Signature Pro-Mod DK24-6 Nova

Vivaldi's otherworldly talent and flamboyant style have earned him a reputation as one of...

Mile End Effects Releases the DTYCEYP

In collaboration with the Montreal band 'Yoo Doo Right', Mile End Effects is thrilled...

Matthews Effects Unveils the Futurist MIDI Controller

The Futurist is a unique, compact MIDI controller pedal that pioneers a better way...

Stomp Once for the ’80s at 8

Built in collaboration with Dr. Scientist's Neil Graham, Big Ear's Albie aims to pack...

Breedlove Guitars Unveils the 30th Anniversary King Koa

In January, Breedlove Guitars, based in Bend, Oregon, marked the 30th Anniversary of bringing...

Christian McBride: Legends, Labels, and the Guts of Genius

The bass great talks about gigging with legends like Chick Corea and James Brown,...

Rig Rundown: Oliver Wood

Just ahead of releasing his first solo album, Always Smilin' (via Honey Jar/Thirty Tigers),...

Love and Sockets: A Crush on an Orange Crush Pro 120

The best way to get a fix on your priorities for an amp is...
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