I’m NEKOS, I was born in Italy where I currently live, in southern Italy (Puglia). I started painting in 95/96, more or less. In 2000 I stopped painting walls, for a while I

Cartoons, Beer, Graffiti, Retro and Pachanga are the words that define me. My name is Drino, I’m from a hot country called Venezuela started painting graffiti around the

VOID – I started out racking pens when I was a kid, wagging school, getting legs off people and breaking into places we shouldn’t cause we had fuck all better to do

KOSO has been writing since 1997.I want to say that I have been writing non-stop since 1997, it would be different to say that he did his first graffiti in that year. I’m

Gruve Yo! So growing up in Minnesota skateboarding and snowboarding it was natural to be dabbling with graffiti but after traveling, especially out of the states, I really fell