Virtual audio, virtual mixers and virtual cables. – SOLVED!

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    I just wanted to pass on what I learnt after running the gamut of virtual machines and cables to make my audio pass through OBS software.

    At first I was looking for something that could route individual inputs from an 8-in soundcard which lead me to software called ‘VOICEMETER BANANA‘ . They have also recently released another virtual mixer with more ins and outs, and basically more functionality called ‘VOICEMETER POTATO‘. You can check them out in the links below.

    My issue was that in my D.A.W settings to route the audio through my OBS, I had to use the ‘Voicemeter’ software as my audio device which offered no where near the near indiscernible latency that my soudcard currently does. So, what to do?

    After trawling through my third ‘setting up voicemeter’ youtube tutorial, each time coming out with a different way to set it up, I realised that I had to find another solution that lets me use my preferred soundcard for my D.A.W.

    This came in a Youtube video which talked about using 2 soundcards. One to handle the ‘out’ from my D.A.W soundcard, and one to act as an ‘in’ to my 2nd soundcard. This also didn’t work for me as even though I had 2 soundcards to try this, they were by the same manufacturer, and so ended up having driver conflict issues. I’m pretty sure this would work if you had 2 devices from different manufacturers.

    My solution came at the end of the video when the author offered a last simple solution if nothing else works. It was to take a physical stereo output out of my soundcard, and connect that output to the default ‘Line In’ of your motherboard. This gives you the 2 source solution without having to have an extra soundcard. In your D.A.W you get to have the super-low latency you need to play by having your soundcard selected as ‘Audio Device’, and in your OBS software you select your motherboards ‘Line In’ as your audio capture device.

    It’s working for me, hope it helps someone out there




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