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Audio Game: Audiofile – 8pm, Fri Aug 20th, 2021


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This is the Audiofile game page for this Full Moon.

This month the download is a video file embedded in Ableton Live for you to download. The challenge is to provide the character dialogue for the section of film.

Download the samplepack.
This is a timed event if you want to challenge yourself, otherwise submissions are open all month.

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To do this you will need A D.A.W (Digital Audio Workstation) of your choice, and a ‘Soundcloud’ Account. Soundcloud is fast, accepts more kinds of audio file, is a personal archive of your own work, and can publish your music straight to streaming platforms. If you haven’t made an account yet, here’s the link:
If you want to learn more about using video with Ableton check out this article. It also has important drivers you may need if you are on Windows 10 64-bit.HERE.

Step 1 – DOWNLOAD THE SAMPLEPACK – Once the top timer has run down, it will be replaced by a download link.

Step 2 – OPEN THE FILE – Open the downloaded .als Ablton Live file. In this file you will find the footage to add the dialogue to.

Step 3 – MAKE YOUR MOVIE – Lip read the movie until you can work out the dialogue, then record the results, or just hit record and freestyle!

Step 4 – EXPORT & UPLOAD – When you are happy with the film and dialogue, export the film and upload to Vimeo or Youtube.

Step 5 – ENTER – Once your track is uploaded, paste the page URL of that track into the ‘Participate’ tab – “Youtube, Vimeo” text field up the top.




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